Somerset wildlife photography, Dragonfly images

I thought as I haven't added news stories for a while as I have been busy at work I should add a couple of pics I took recently in Somerset.

Whilst I was down on the levels looking for dragonflies and damsel flies to photograph I stumbled upon this tried and newly emerged dragonfly. I think it had had a bad start to life as it was hanging on this lily for a reason. It was quite a windy day so it even more reason to hang on. The benefit for me was the wind was blowing up the lily and the sun was quite low in the sky so this gave a great silhouette on the underside of the lily.

It’s not the first time I have down this and I wouldn't recommend it but I lowered myself into the water with my Canon 5drk11 with 100-400L lens and lowered my body so it was near the surface and started taking photos.

The reason to get into the water was to get as low down as possible and capture the insect at its height. I have also added a pic I took on macro lens which is close up. Well worth getting wet for.

I hope you like the images.