Estate Fox Project Bristol

The Estate Fox

Since having a baby my photography has been pretty much shelved. I have managed to nip out here and there for the odd hour or so. Project wise almost all subjects have been out the window. That was until I was contacted by another Bristol photographed called Nik Tarr. I received an email from Nik and some photographs of a local urban he had been photographing.

The images were excellent and really showcased the urban fox as a beautiful and intelligent animal. I asked Nik if I could pop down and photograph the fox. Nik very kindly met me at the location and passed on his extensive knowledge of the fox. Over the months Nik had built up a really great bond with this little female fox and because of that respect, the images he was getting were first class.

It wasn't long and this small fox appeared out of the darkness and straight towards Nik. I had only intended on heading to this location for one or two occasions but as any knows who as photographed an urban fox it becomes an obsession. Over the following weeks, I met up with Nik and we spent many hours photographing this beautiful fox. If you would like to see Niks fox pictures visit

Using wide angle lenses I wanted to capture the fox in the urban environment showing its habitat. Almost all the images were taken using a single flash gun. Sometimes mounted and other times I used the flash remotely in my left hand to light the subject from the front/side. The benefit of using a flashgun handheld is wherever the fox moves too you can track the animal getting many more images.

Below are six of my favorite images from this project. Each image here I have tried to show the fox in a different light using different techniques.
All images were taken on a Canon D5mk11 with a Canon 14-40mm Lens.

Investigating a scent from another fox in her territory.

Relaxed and resting on a pavement in a built-up urban environment.

On high alert, as this fox has spotted a dog far away in the distance.

High Vantage point, by using Nik's car as a high vantage point she can survey her area.

Rats eye view, by using a low vantage point I am able to create possibly the view of a foxes prey.

Keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

If you know of any urban foxes in Bristol and don't mind sharing the location with me please get in touch