Photography Hotspots

River Frome, Bristol

The River Frome in Bristol is a beautiful stretch of river which runs right through the city.

If you start in Eastville park and follow the river slowly along it's almost like being right out in the country side. If you keep walking all the way up to Oldbury Court estate your get some really great images the best time of day for this walk is early because the light will be good and there will be less people. As with many urban rivers, the Frome has suffered from pollution, but several stretches run through parks and reserves that sustain a range of wildlife. Keep at eye out for Kingfishers if you have a cup of tea at the cafe at Snuff mills go to the back area where the seating if and wait and you might be lucky enough to see the kingfisher which moves from branch to branch looking for small fish. Other wildlife species include grey wagtails, wild service trees, a regionally significant population of the endangered native white-clawed crayfish, dippers and several species of bats.

The River Frome is a beautiful so remember to take your litter away and be respectful to the wild animals which leave in this area.

And to all fishermen and woman DO NOT leave fishing tackle behind as a couple a weeks ago whilst in this area I spotted a dead kingfisher hanging close to the river which had become entangled in fishing line. Its wing was badly broken and it was crying shame to see one of the uk’s most beautiful ending up like this

These images were all taken on the river Frome.

Lighthouse on Legs, burnham on sea

Information on lighthouse

After the Pillar Lighthouse building was completed it was found that too low a vantage point had been selected to take into account the massive rise and fall of the tides, so a lighthouse on legs (pictured right in 1912) was built in 1832 to complement the tower.
The Low Lighthouse lights were inactive between 1969 and 1993 and were re-established on 31 December 1993. The High Lighthouse lights were permanently discontinued at the same time.
The lighthouse has a focal plane of 7m and provides a white flash every 7.5s plus a directional light (white, red, or green depending on direction) at a focal plane of 4m. The light is shown through a window at the front.
The lighthouse is painted white with a single vertical red stripe on its front face and is 9m tall with a conical roof and mounted on 9 timber pilings.
It remains an active aid to navigation and is visited by many thousands of walkers every year.

The best Time to photograph the lighthouse is early morning or late evening when the light is the best. At these times your get a really soft colour and the reflections are at this best. Any low light photography your need a tripod and be sure to clean your camera afterwards as the sand and salt from the beach area is extremely corrosive.

Here are some examples of the lighthouse taken at different times of day and times of year.

Remember to where walking shoes as near to the lighthouse its quite muddy and its a 15 to 20 min walk from the main beach area.

Please refer to map above and be careful if your taking pictures at low light times

Chew Valley Lake somerset

One of my favourite locations to visit is Chew Valley in Somerset. I am lucky to live near the lake so I often head down at sunset or sunrise where you can get some beautiful landscape and wildlife shots.

There’s a huge array of wildlife at the lake from birds, insects, deer, Barn Owl and so much more! I could list them but it would take up to much space.

There are also a couple of hides situated where wildlife can be observed from.

Here are a few images I have taken from the hundreds I have amassed over the years and also a map of the lake.

The Somerset Levels

The Somerset Levels are a coastal plain and wetland area of Somerset, South West England, running south from the Mendips to the Blackdown Hills.

The landscapes and wildlife here are stunning and different times of the year you can expect different experiences. Starling murmurations take place over the winter months and during the summer different birds arrive to feed. Sunrise at this location offers stunning landscapes drenched in mist and fog and the sunset are pretty good too.