Somerset Wildlife Photography on the Somerset Levels

In between Christmas and the new year I managed to head down to the beautiful Somerset Levels for an hour just after sunrise to take some snaps.

It was a bitterly cold morning but the forecast looked good clear skies, cold tempertaure and this would hopfully give perfect conditions for some wildlife photography.

I pulled up into the car park at Ham Wall just as the sun was rising and headed to a couple of favourite spots hoping to capture some interesting images.

I wasn't the only one hoping to capture some images there was a lot of photographers dotted around.

As I only had an hour I set myself a task of trying to capture as many different images as possible all in different styles and approaches.

Here they are below I hope you like them.

Alone swan in the reed bed. As the sun was rising it cast beautiful soft warm colours on the water and the reed bed of lovely warm browns and rich reds. In contrast the white shape of the swan really stands out and pulls you eye towards to beautiful form.

Whilst driving back from Ham Wall I spotted these two swans resting in a frozen field near the levels. The birds almost look like they are in water as the shape of their bodies are upright. The grass looks like water so it a slightly surreal image with some lovely soft colours.

This a similar image to the one above only in this picture the swans are standing but it still has some lovely soft cool colours.

This Coot picture was one of my favourites from the morning I wanted to show the environment in this picture giving a sense of place and with the warm colours and mist rising off the water its a really atmosphereic image.

Silver and blue tones are present in this image which really show just how cold the morning was. I purposely zoomed out on the image to show the beautiful winter environment.

Not only the wildlife on the levels looks beautiful in early light but the plants and reeds take on a different light when the sun turns they dark brown storks and leaves into beautiful red, orange and yellow colours.

Framing this swan in-between the two different reed beds in the early morning light makes for a simple yet beautiful image.

Seeing this cheeky Robing quickly hop out of the tees and on to the floor for a few seconds give me an opportunity to capture this bird in a winter landscape.

Just after the sun had risen it cast a lovely beautiful red and orange colour on the reed beds making for a beautiful image.

If you would like to spend a morning on the levels with capturing the essence of this beautiful landscape with a rich abondance of wildlife get in contact with me through my wildlife. 2 hours wildlife photography coverage costs £150