Urban Toads on the move in the City of Bristol

Every year I brace myself for the migration of toads and frogs back to the ancestral pond to breed. When the temperate rises above 8 degrees and there is moisture in the air with little or no wind, toads start to make the slow and sometimes long journey back to their ponds to breed. Toads only spend 2 weeks of the year in a pond during spawning season. The rest of the time they are on land hiding and feeding.

This year I have been lucky to catch some of the toads in the city making their way to a local pond to spawn.

Often conditions are tricky due to poor light. Wet nights prove the best for toads but cause multiple problems with my camera equipment.

I have to contend with cars, dogs and bike riders as so do the

Toads are often slightly easier to photograph than frogs as they move crawl and don’t hop. So you have more time to photographing them and they move slower and stay still longer.

Here are a few images taken during March.