Wildlife Photography - Signs of Spring

The signs of spring! Toads & Frogs - Wildlife Photography

As the mornings get lighter and the evening last longer the signs of spring are starting to take hold. Snowdrops have come and gone and the crocus in all their brilliant colours brighten up the landscape. Birds seem to have notched it up a gear or two and are busy building their nest and finding their mate.

And my favourite animals of spring are of the amphibian kind and are the frogs and toads. Last year I spend a lot of time driving to different locations all over Somerset checking on different ponds hoping to witness one of nature’s great events.
I seemed to be late sometimes only by hours and kept missing the frogs spawning in huge numbers. I would turn up and only see spawn and no sign of frogs and this kept on happening.

Just as I was giving up on the project I had a tip off that a pond in Bristol had toads and they were spawning!. I jumped in my car and headed to the location and ended up spending two mornings photographing the toads spawning above and below the water. One of my images from that weekend ended up being highly commended in the BWPA British Wildlife Photography Awards 2014. See image below.

As I had missed the frogs spawning I made a note that I would not be beaten next year and I would photograph frogs spawning.

Fast forward a year and we were heading into March so I knew the time was getting closure and it was a matter time, I received another tip off from someone that frogs were spawning in a Bristol Pond. I headed to the location with permission from the ground keeper and started taking photos. I packed three different cameras first was my Canon 5dMk11 with a 100-400 L mm lens for some close up photography, second I packed my GoPro 3+ Black, I had it attached to a selfy stick so I could push the camera right out to the deeper areas of the pond without getting wet and I had it remotely attached to my smart phone so I could view the images I was taking on my phone. I used the live view capability settings which is handy as a GoPro does not have a screen on the back and remotely trigged the camera whilst it was under water which was really handy especially when I was filming. And finally I used my compact underwater camera which I used above and below the surface again getting some really nice portraits.

All in all I wish I had more time at this location, I did get some really cool pictures but not the one I was after…
I will have to wait until next year now!. I have attached some of the pics I took below.